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Environmental Site Assessment

We have been performing Environmental Site Consulting Services on properties ranging from vacant lots to industrial complexes. Our team of qualified professionals combine their expertise and the latest ASTM (ASTM 1527-05) guidelines to identify possible environmental impairments on a particular property.

Phase I Report

Typical Phase I report includes:

  • A physical Survey of the property and surrounding properties to assess general land use and occupants of the area.
  • An onsite visual inspection of the site to identify environmental concerns.
  • A review of data regarding the local geology and hydrology.
  • An assessment of current and past uses and practices of the property with particular attention given to assessing if any hazardous material or waste practices have occurred at the site.
  • An assessment of historic land use and development of the property through an interpretation of fire insurance maps, city directories, and/or aerial photographs of the site and interviews with persons knowledgeable of the site history.
  • A review of owner/operator records.
  • A review of local, state, and federal regulatory agency records maintained for the site.
  • A written report of all findings including recommendations and conclusions.


Phase II Site Assements

Phase II site assessments are recommended by phase I assessments, if necessary. They provide a more comprehensive and detailed review of a site and a facility to further evaluate suspected environmental impairments and the extent of surface and subsurface contamination.

A phase II assessment quantitatively confirms environmental impairments, resulting liabilities and yields basic projections of remediation costs. This information may be used to negotiate the terms and conditions in a particular property transaction.