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Asbestos & Lead Abatement

Isotech Environmental Corp. is a Licensed and Cal-OSHA Registered Asbestos Abatement Contractor in State of California.

We are also EPA Registered Lead Abatement Company.

We routinely conduct abatement services at residential and commercial sites. All our abatement personnel are trained and certified through Cal-OSHA (asbestos), EPA, or CDPH (lead) approved training providers. All our batement projects are supervised by asbestos and lead supervisors. 

All our abatement projects are conducted in accordance with State and Federal regulations. 

We offer excellent services at very competitive rates. 
We serve the entire Bay Area Region. 

Asbestos & Lead Abatement Services

We offer following abatement services: 

Asbestos Abatement, Removal of asbestos containing materials such as:

  • Acoustic Ceiling Textures
  • Vinyl Floor Coverings
  • Floor Mastics
  • Drywalls
  • Ducting Insulations
  • Transite Pipes
  • Transite Siding Panels
  • Thermal Insulations

Lead Abatement, Removal of materials containing leaded paint.



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Mold Abatement

Following is a generalized mold abatement protocol, 

  1. Critical barriers are installed on all doors and window in the containment area.
  2. Poly sheetings are installed on floors. 
  3. Poly sheetings are installed on walls that are not going to be treated.
  4. Single stage decontamination units are installed at the entrance to the containment areas.  
  5. AC & heating vents and intakes are sealed off.
  6. Negative air machines equipped with HEPA filter are installed & operated in the containment areas to achieve negative air pressure & scrub the air during remediation process.
  7. All soft and porous materials such as sheetrock & wall insulation are cut out and removed in sealed plastic bags. 
  8. Normally, at least two feet of clean sheetrock beyond the contaminated areas are cut out to remove all traces of contamination. 
  9. All waste are sealed in plastic bags and disposed.
  10. Once the wall cavities are exposed, the affected surfaces are treated first with microbial disinfectant (Fiberlock IAQ 2500) to eradicate any existing mold. 
  11. Light wire brushing & HEPA vacuuming are performed next inside the wall cavities and wood framing. 
  12. A mold resistant coating (Fiberlock IAQ 6000) are also applied to the affected areas to encapsulate surfaces and inhibit mold growth from recurring in the future.
Decontamination Requirements

The following Decontaimination Requirements will be utilized:

  • The critical barriers shall be maintained at all times.
  • The containment area shall be demarcated and only authorized personnel shall be allowed entry. 
  • A minimum of 0.02 water column negative air pressure shall be maintained and monitored with a recording manometer during the remediation process.
  • The workers in the containment area shall wear at a minimum, NIOSH approved half face air purifying respirators with combination HEPA & All remediation personnel performing mold remediation work, including personnel who may access the work areas for any other purpose, shall be appropriately trained as outlined below:
    • The hazards associated with working with mold, dusts & other debris in accordance with T8, CCR, & 5194 (Hazardous Communication Standard).
    • The appropriate use, maintenance and limitations of respirators in accordance with T8, CR, & 5144 (Respiratory Protection Standard), Including Appropriate respirator fit testing

In all mold abatement cases, we recommend that the property owners secure the services of independent Mold Consultants to inspect & test the project site to verify successful completion of site abatement, once we are done with the cleanup.